In the mid-90s, my brother, Jim Couch, played in a Country/Western band in NE Missouri called The Thunderchickens. In January of 1996, they all came down to visit us when we were living in Arcadia, FL and we had a wonderful time!

While there, they played at a place called Galen’s Lounge in Lake Placid, FL. Katie & Jack Rushing, my sister and brother-in-law, took turns filming it.

From left to right in front is Randy Countryman, Vern Evermon, George Reginetter, and then Jim Couch is on drums. Later in the video, you’ll see Jim’s friend and fellow musician, Jimmy Stewart, join in. Jimmy used to play with Jim in the late 80s in a Florida rock band called Front Page News.

Here’s the footage, from January 27, 1996:

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Here’s also some footage of them playing horseshoes in our backyard on the 21st:

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Some especially touching things about these videos is that shortly after returning to Missouri, Randy Countryman was in a fatal vehicle accident, so this is his final performance.

Seen enjoying the show, along with myself, are my parents, Burnie and Jerry Balzer, my cousins Tammi Lines and Tim Ellis, and brother and sister, Jack & Katie Rushing.

In addition to seeing Randy have such a good time, it’s heartwarming to see Dad enjoy himself. He especially loved George’s work on the fiddle. At the end, I personally love seeing Jim Couch playing “Wipeout.” As a kid, I remember him playing the Surfaris song on Dad’s stereo so he could practice on his drums, so that performance will always mean a lot to me.