• Pointy

    This is brilliant and true. I tweeted it to the . . . t-world!

    • JerrodBalzer

      Thank you, Pointy!

  • adamwhitlatch

    As for point #9, on an iPad or Kindle Fire, all you need to do is go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode. Presto! No Facebook, no emails, no Internet, and no distractions. It’s like magic!

    • JerrodBalzer

      Awesome! There you go. I’ll edit to include that. Thank you!

  • hmmm

    All of your points for an ereader are valid. Most of those were non-issues for me.
    Here’s why I haven’t switched to an ereader.
    Paperbacks are usually lighter for me to carry when I read while I’m walking, or holding up in bed.
    When I want to browse back for something, it’s easier to riffle through pages while quickly skimming than back buttoning for each page.
    When I accidentally leave a paperback behind, it’s likely to be waiting for me when I go back for it. …or if I leave my number on it via post-it or written in…it’s more likely to get back to me. If it’s a library book, it’s more likely to at least be returned to the library if I forgot to post-it note it. AND IF I DON’T GET IT BACK, it’s not a costly loss.
    I’m also concerned about breakage of an ereader by dropping, or if in a backpack or big purse-having something tossed onto it, or the backpack tossed on floor, or someone sitting back onto it if backpack’s on a chair. Paperbacks have survived all of these.
    These are non-issues for many, but valid for me.

    • JerrodBalzer

      The weight of the average paperback is 12 ounces, whereas the weight of a Kindle is 5.98 ounces. Kindles have search functions when looking for something, and if you’re prone to losing or smashing things, then I agree, you shouldn’t carry many electronics around.