That *Silent* 70s Show

During the 1970s, my parents filmed various clips with a camera that took video only, no sound. Several years later, they turned in a bunch of reels to one of those transfer places and they put them all on a video cassette. They weren’t labeled so there was no chronological order.

Now I’ve taken that tape and transferred it into digital form. My mother helped go through the clips I made so that I can offer some short details – nothing specific but better than nothing. I imagine the family involved, who sees it and the main people I put this up for, will know more about it than me. I hope they enjoy it. It’s great seeing them all together and having so much fun!

*Note: If anyone in the videos wishes me to include their names here, even links to their websites so other family can find them, I’d be happy to oblige. I only kept it vague out of initial respect for privacy.

The first video has my mother and two of my brothers at Gold Nugget Junction in Osage Beach, MO 1974:

My nephew, Kenny, and shots of my father, sisters, and brothers having fun by Lake Eerie in Ohio, 1975.

This one jumps around the most. It begins in Warsaw, IL where houseboat was parked on the Mississippi River. It quickly jumps to the trailer in Kahoka, MO and my parents Dog, German Shepherd named Saint, at around 1971. Back to the houseboat on the river between the Keokuk, IL Locks and Nauvoo, IL. Then back to the trailer in Kahoka, the river again, to Kahoka so Saint can chase the water hose and brothers Joe (11) and Jim (9) can shoot their BB gun.

Christmas morning in Kahoka, MO, 1971:

This starts out with my brothers and sisters at a park in Ohio, and then it jumps to Hogback Island on the Mississippi River, which is north of Quincy, IL. There is a long shot of my uncle and aunt skiing while my uncle’s twin drives the boat, and then there’s a random shot of my brothers playing with a puppy before they’re back at Hogback, swimming with my grandmother.

Here’s everyone gathered at a river in a Ohio park, 1975. It looks like a blast! My nephew is doing great until he gets water in his face!

Here’s where I come into the picture, first with a shot of me being devoured by ferocious puppies, and then ferocious me devouring presents at my first Christmas. It’s also my niece, “Sissy’s” first. She was only three weeks younger than me. It takes place in Monticello, MO in 1975. My sisters and nephew are included, of course. Toward the end, there is a clip of me and my nephew in St. Louis at the Grant Farm by Budweiser in 1976. There’s a funny story about me and that goat: My mother was weening me off of the bottle at the time, and without thinking about it, she’d handed me the goat’s bottle to feed it. I plopped that nipple in my mouth and started drinking it. So she took it away. The next she knew, I’d stuck my entire arm in the goat’s mouth to suck on!

Finally, we have everyone back in the park in Ohio, more fun at the river, and then in the Cleveland Zoo. We reveal the secret that my nephew is, indeed, Batman: