Metal Crypt

Metal Crypt artwork metal crypt Metal Crypt Metal Crypt artwork

From early 2008 until 2010, I joined DJ Badslayer as Grimm on the Metal Crypt (that’s me above, beating a guy with my severed arm). It was a weekly talk show that aired live on the top ten Internet radio station, Hard Rock Radio Live.

We were completely uncensored and rarely safe for work, so be warned!

Guests included popular rock/metal musicians as well as horror authors and more. We were floored by all the listeners we received during our time on air, and we were even informed that at least one restaurant in Germany played it over their speakers.

I have most of the audio files still in tact. Several have the music edited out while others remain untouched. Sound effects will sound off, generally echoing once or twice. This had something to do with the recorder and was not how it sounded on air.

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We had one artist in the archives and the killer artwork at the top of the page was provided by him, so please check out his interview by clicking on his company logo:

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