Conversion Disorder Sufferers: Help yourself out of a seizure!

Conversion Disorder

I’ve been suffering from Conversion Disorder for several years now, and I’ve been gradually (oh so slowly) improving as I go. It’s taken a very long time of trial and error and, of course, discipline, but I’ve finally been able to bring myself out of most of my seizures!

If you would like more information about the actual disorder, please go here where I explain it thoroughly: MY CONVERSION DISORDER W/ VIDEO.

So, I’m starting out with the assumption that you have a somewhat decent understanding of Conversion Disorder and the non-epileptic seizures involved with it, namely the cateplectic and dystonic (can’t move and then everything twisting on you).

I’m not going to talk forever about this because why keep you waiting. I’ll get right to what helps me so it can hopefully help you.

For me, it’s generally a cataplectic seizure that comes on first. I suddenly realize I can no longer move or respond to anything. For so long, my initial reaction was to panic, thinking in my head, “Oh no! I’m having a seizure! I’m gonna cause a scene! Will I hurt myself? Etc, etc.” Then the dystonic part of it begins to hit.

Well, guess what? Of course the seizure will get worse because I panicked! Stress is the trigger so more stress will only feed it.

So, when I feel one coming on, I’ve taught myself to immediately empty my mind and relax. I forget whatever it was I was doing, or where I am, and I simply pretend it’s about time for a nice nap.

This does not stop the cataplexy from taking over, which feels like I’m settling back within myself where I have no control. It’s like I’m easing into a big cushy chair so that my feet aren’t touching the floor and I have nothing to grab onto. I’m aware of my surroundings but I can do nothing about it.

Relax. Let it happen for a minute or two. I’m taking a break whether I thought I needed it or not. Obviously, something inside felt I did.

Okay, now when I’m ready, I start sitting up. I don’t mean with my body, though. Remember how I said it’s like I settled back within myself into that big cushy chair? Well, I sit up from that. I can’t use my arms or legs, so I use my mid section, instead, tightening my stomach and chest to pull myself up. I begin to feel like I’m fitting back into my skin again. And, slowly, I can move! It feels like I just woke from a refreshing nap and I was able to fend off the dystonia!

This may not work all the time but the more I do it, the better I get at it. All I can say is try it out for yourself. I hope it helps!

~Jerrod Balzer