“Who run Balzertown?”

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I’m Jerrod Balzer, author of dark/adult humor and horror.

I was the co-founder and associate editor of Skullvines Press, and later KHP Publishers, Inc. until we decided to close doors in late 2015. The company was doing fine, but we wanted to move on. We had some great times.

For a few years, I co-hosted a show as Grimm on The Metal Crypt with DJ Badslayer at the top-ten radio station, Hard Rock Radio Live. It was uncensored and pretty wild, playing hard rock and metal throughout with guests ranging from authors Kevin Eastman and Joe Lansdale to rock musicians like members of Queensryche and Slayer. There was a restaurant in Germany that tuned in and played us over their speakers. Very cool.

For 15 years (the latter part of 1999 through half of 2014), I spent most of my days caring for my ex-wife, Robin, who suffers from bipolar paranoid schizophrenia and has appeared in the comic book, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8, #10. She’s a real sweetheart and her hallucinations, etc, kept things interesting, but all the time spent watching over her 24/7 with no breaks, literally sleeping with one eye open, took its toll on me. During the last four years of it, I became disabled which is best explained HERE. Now that we’re apart, I’m recovering slowly but time will tell how much. I still visit her every other week to ensure she’s doing well.

I write and play with my websites as I’m able. Some days/weeks are harder than others. I do what I can to stay productive and take it easy when that gets too strenuous. One day at a time.